somewhere, original sake limited edition! ! !

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

somewhere, and special collaboration sake! ! !

Famous for collaboration with Phoenix

A mellow taste co-produced with the historical salmon river brewery

We will sell it only at the venue limited glass so please enjoy it.

& nbsp;

※ PHOENIX performance day (April 19th, 20th, 22th, 23th, 24th)


There is no glass sale of Sake.

River brewing of salmon

More than 180 years of history.

When the Uesugi clan came to Shonai in 1832 in Tenpo 3 (1832), he was surprised by the goodness of the water and recommended that he start making sake to the first generation Hirashiro, and he started the liquor manufacturing industry.

And, in the first year of Ansei (1854), the sake brewing industry started. The following year, Anzai two years (1855), when the lord of the house, Mr. Sakai, visited the house and offered sake, he named it so that the sake inscription was "Konnogawa".

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