6/5, 7 Takkyu Ishino participation decision decided! ! !

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

International Music Festival SOMEWHERE, June performance,

Basement Jaxx 3Days on June 5th (Wed), 6th (Thu), 7th (Fri)

As a guest DJ, it was decided that Takkyu Ishino will appear on Wednesday, June 5th and 7th (Fri).

On June 6 (Thursday), it is decided that the New Excite Onna Band CHAI will appear as an opening act.

The three days of co-starring with BASEMENT JAXX, who acts as the main act, is a must for three consecutive nights! ! !

The venue is Shibuya Stream Hall.

Please enjoy in a space where the distance with the artist is close and you can become one with the artist.

SPECIAL 3DAYS PASS is also on sale.

Do not miss it! ! !

Oficial site


LAWSON ticket(Lコード:76311)

ticket pia (Pコード:138-978)

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